ACTG 494


Course Description
This course was piloted in Spring 2016 and has been refined for Spring 2017. This course is for the accounting & systems-oriented student who wants exposure to the latest enterprise accounting software used to run modern businesses. It will teach cutting edge technologies – SAP ERP software and Tableau Visual Analytics – to introduce the student to transaction processing, internal controls, dashboard design, analytical tools and visual presentation of accounting data used to manage organizations. It is an invitation to think critically about how to integrate technology and accounting to run a business more effectively.
The course is designed for students who have an interest in advanced accounting information systems, but does not require programming skills.
Course Learning Objectives

In this course you will learn to:
1) Define and describe the fundamentals of ERP software
2) Process financial transactions in Procurement, Sales & Fulfillment, Inventory Management, and Asset Management in an integrated ERP system
3) Run a business in a live, competitive ERP simulation
4) Dashboard design and report production for display of accounting data
5) Implement transaction cycle and ERP security to ensure system reliability

New course in…Accounting and Finance

Brand new course in accounting for non-accounting majors in 2017!!

ACTG 494 (Special Topics in Accounting: Financial Reporting) is designed for non-accounting majors to learn how to read and comprehend financial accounting information, especially as communicated via Annual Reports. Too many students searching for jobs fail to get those jobs due to their lack of the ability to read financial documents, comprehend the information in them and then effectively communicate their understanding. Simply put, Financial Reporting is designed to teach non-accounting majors how to read financial statements. We designed this ACTG 494 course for sophomores or juniors who have taken ACTG 210 and have or will soon take FIN 301.

Prerequisites: Actg 210 or IP*.

Students learn to read, interpret and use financial and accounting information in numerous applications. This course is first offered in Spring 2017. More information about the instructor is provided next.

Michael Kirschenheiter (also teaches ACTG500, 502 & 585) – PhD: Northwestern, MBA: Chicago, MSc.: London School of Economics, former audit manager, Arthur Andersen & Co; taught at Columbia and Purdue (and Northwestern, Columbia/Berkeley & Columbia /LBS, Tel Aviv and Chicago). For more details see or contact Professor Kirschenheiter directly at (312)996-2284 or via email at

* IP means “instructor’s permission.” Questions? Please call me at your
convenience (at (312) 996-2284) or send an email to mkirsche@uic,.edu.