Accounting Advising

Accounting Advising

Advising is required for ALL undergraduate accounting majors taking Accounting 211 courses and up. You can find the name of your accounting faculty advisor from the bulletin-boards posted outside the accounting department office (2305 UH) or by the elevator on the 23rd floor.

You can make an advising appointment with your assigned faculty advisor by signing up on the appointment schedule posted on your advisor's door. Appointments cannot be made over the phone and must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Faculty advisors set their own advising days and hours. Professors will only advise certain days of the advising week, you must check for the days your accounting advisor will be available for that week. Advising appointments are approximately 10 minutes long. Accounting advising week is during the months of October and March of every semester except summer.

A registration hold will be put on your account. This hold will prevent you from registering for Summer and Fall 2018 classes until the Department of Accounting releases your hold.

You are responsible for the following:

  • Sign up for an appointment on your accounting advisor’s door located on the 23rd floor of UH.
  • Get an Advising Hold Release Form outside room 2305 UH. Make sure your advisor signs and dates the Advising Hold Release Form.
  • Please turn in your Advising Hold Release Form signed by your advisor to the Accounting Department room 2305 UH. Your hold will be released within three to four business days. This form must be turned in with your UIN in order to record that you were advised, otherwise your hold will not be removed.
  • Check your account to make sure that the advising hold has been taken off.

Students who fail to complete this list will have a registration hold will be put on their account. This hold will prevent them from registering for classes until the Department of Accounting releases the hold.

We in the Department of Accounting feel that by talking to a dedicated accounting faculty member every term will benefit students immensely. Whatever problems you have, your advisor will act as your mentor and be your advocate while you are here. We encourage students to discuss any number of issues, including courses to be taken, planning of the program, internships, job search and firm contacts, masters programs, professional certification and general business careers, or any difficulties you might have with your accounting courses.

Classes at UIC fill up fast, so you must plan to register as soon as you are eligible. To accomplish this it is imperative that you clear your accounting advising hold during advising week.

Some of the links you should check before coming for advising are:

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