Accounting Transfer

Transfer Students

  • Requirements for transferring: You first need to be admitted to UIC and the
    CBA (Check out If you have not taken any accounting courses
    before transferring, you have to take Accounting 210 (financial accounting) and
    Accounting 211(managerial accounting) and get a B average in those classes at UIC.

  • Transferring credit for basic accounting courses: All UIC students have to
    take basic accounting courses: Financial Accounting - 210 and Management
    Accounting - 211 and receive a B average to become an accounting major. The first
    courses as an accounting major are rigorous and we have found that they are
    challenging for all students. You may have taken the basic accounting courses in
    Financial Accounting and Management Accounting some time back. So we require all
    transfer students to pass the Accounting Placement Examination (APE) before
    entering as an Accounting major. For Information on the APE
  • Note that your basic accounting courses in Financial Accounting and Management
    Accounting can be transferred and you will get credit, but you have to pass the APE
    to continue as an accounting major. Information about the Accounting Department,
    APE, sample tests, test dates and topics covered are at our web page:

    Complete information about the undergraduate accounting program is at:
    We have transfer agreements with many Chicago area colleges. Transfer guides to
    many of those are available at:
    CBA transfer requirements are at:
    General information about CBA is at:

  • Transferring credit for advanced accounting courses: The accounting
    department at UIC accepts transfer credits for accounting courses above the 300
    level only from AACSB accredited accounting programs. For a full list please see:
    The following accounting programs in Illinois are accredited now: Bradley University,
    University of Chicago, DePaul University, University of Illinois at Chicago,University
    of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois State University, Loyola University Chicago,
    Northern Illinois University , Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Southern
    Illinois University Edwardsville, Western Illinois University. The undergraduate
    accounting program requires 30 hours in accounting. UIC has a 18 hours major
    residency requirement. So transfer credits will not be given for more than 12 hours
    under any case.

    If you want your advanced accounting courses evaluated, please go to

    and choose Transfer Credit Petition and submit all the information.

  • Registering for classes: As soon as you are admitted to UIC and your name is in
    the student access system you can register for all classes directly except Accounting
    315. You can do this even before you take and pass the APE. After you
    pass the APE, you will be given permission to register for 315 and notified. Then you
    can register for 315.

  • International Students with accounting courses: For the basic accounting
    courses (Actg 210 and Actg 211) the requirements described above applies. For
    advanced courses, we will not be able to accept any credits. The accounting systems
    in the USA are very different form almost all countries. GAAP, SEC regulations,
    FASB and auditing standards and the tax code are unique to the US. If you are
    interested in taking the CPA exam you will fare much better if you take all the
    accounting courses in the US.

  • For Transferring Introductory classes, click on the APE link

    Click here for the PDF version