Accounting Waitlists

Accounting 315 must be taken at UIC, transfer credits will not be accepted.

To be able to sign up for Accounting 315, you must satisfy one of the following:
Have a "B" average grade in Accounting 210 and 211 courses taken at UIC.
Passed the Accounting Placement Examinations ( APE) for the financial and managerial courses previously taken elsewhere. Please click here, for information concerning the APE exam and test dates.

Please note that the B average requirement between ACTG 210- Introduction to Financial Accounting and ACTG 211- Introduction to Managerial Accounting for continuing into ACTG 315 is only valid if YOU HAVE TAKEN BOTH ACTG 210 and ACTG 211 here at UIC.

Students who have taken ONLY one of them at their transfer institution are NOT ELIGIBLE to average out their grades (one from UIC with one from their transfer institution). You must either retake ACTG 210 or ACTG 211 at UIC, or take the corresponding section of the Accounting Placement Exam (APE). APE can only be taken one time during your career at UIC

Students are not allowed to take ACTG 315, 326 and 474 in the same semester because the load will be too heavy.  If you enroll in all three, you will be dropped from ACTG 326. The department strongly advises that 315 and 326 are NOT taken in the same semester as the class workloads are too heavy.

UIC SPRING 2018 courses begin Tuesday, January 16 - Friday, May 11, 2018.
Waitlist Sign Up for Spring 2018 ACTG 315 will open on Monday, October 16, 2017.