Welcome to the Finance Department

The Department of Finance offers a BS in finance and prepares students to actively participate in the finance industry. Not only do students have ample opportunities to interact with finance professionals from the department’s many partnerships, but they also have the opportunity to learn in the Market Training Lab, giving them hands-on experience. Students can specialize in one of six concentrations, allowing them to delve into specific areas of interest even as they interact with research oriented faculty members who emphasize the most innovative areas of finance.


Students majoring in finance study how money is stored, protected, received, distributed, and generally managed.  In the finance major, students are prepared to be leaders in the financial services industry.  Productive and research-oriented faculty members emphasize the newest and most innovative areas of finance.

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Course Spotlight

Finance 480 Market Microstructure and Electronic Trading.

This course introduces the details (microstructure) of how financial markets work. This includes: market structures; models of price discovery; limit order models; liquidity and price impact; time effects; and, how electronic traders use these ideas to improve trading and research. After this course, students should:
1. Recognize microstructure effects in markets;
2. Know how electronic traders use microstructure
3. Trade and conduct research more thoughtfully and successfully.