CME Group Foundation Market Training Lab

Funded with a grant from the CME Group Foundation, the Market Training Lab provides tools, data and educational services to enhance the learning experience in finance and to better prepare students for skills demanded by the market.

Day of the week Open Lab Times
Monday 9:00 - 6:00
Tuesday 12:15 - 6:00
Wednesday 9:00 - 3:00
Thursday 12:15 - 6:00
Friday 9:00 - 4:00 










Tutorials and other events in the Lab are scheduled during the open lab periods. Check the calendar below to make sure the lab is available.

Software in the Lab:

  • Bloomberg Professional
  • R

CME Training Lab Tutorials:

Registration: We are currently not requiring students to register for tutorials linked to courses. You are welcome to attend those tutorials even if you are not in the course; however, students from the courses have priority if space is limited. If you would like a class added, please contract John P. Miller, Director of the CME Training Lab.

Resources: Each tutorial has hyperlinks to resources that will be used.  To download the material you will need to login using your NetID and password.

Current offerings:  Tutorials will begin a few weeks into the semester in preparation for course work requiring students to use R.

​Other resources:Students who have no previous programming experience are encouraged to work through the tutorials offered by either DataCamp or R Tutorial.

  • DataCamp : Introduction to R tutorial. Go to DataCamp , register a free account, then work through the guided tutorial. This is a great resource that allows beginners to become familiar with the R programming language at their own pace. DataCamp also offers tutorials on more advanced topics in R.
  • R Tutorial: R Introduction tutorial. Go to and begin working through the tutorial - no registration required.
  • An Introduction to R is a detailed tutorial covering many aspects of R. This is a good reference for users that are already familiar with R.

Tutorial Classes and Events Schedule:

Date Time Activity

















Meet John Miller

John Miller

Clinical Assistant Professor of Finance
138 Douglas Hall


Phone: 312-355-0316