Finance Concentrations

Corporate Financial Analysis

This area provides an introduction to the work of the financial officer of a company focusing on financial statements, financial characteristics, and financial strategies of different types of firms.

Investment Management

This area provides an introduction to the theory and practice of managing investments. The professional investment manager must be aware of the vast range of investments available in the modern economy, the factors that determine returns and risks, and methods used to hedge risks.


The banking system is crucial to the proper functioning of modern industrialized economies. This area provides an introduction to the structure and functions of the modern financial system, the roles played by commercial and central banks, the impact of regulatory and monetary policies, and the management of commercial banks.

Global Finance

This area provides an introduction to international financial markets and the firm’s financial management in a global context. FIN 340 and FIN 442 are the central courses. Among other topics covered are the international monetary system, markets for foreign exchange, management of foreign investments, and exchange rate risks.

Real Estate

Real estate represents a significant portion of the assets held both by firms and by households. This area provides an introduction to legal, economic, and financial aspects of real estate in the context of the Chicago metropolitan area

Risk Management

This area prepares students for careers in areas of the financial industry that involve financial risk management.

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