Managerial Policies Page

Department of Managerial Studies

Policies and Guidelines for Students

  • Concentrations: Students may choose to concentrate in a specific area of
    management or marketing by fulfilling their three-course major elective
    requirement in one of four concentrations. They can also complete a second
    concentration if their schedule permits, but they cannot apply the same elective
    to more than one concentration.
  • Waitlists: We maintain a waitlist for non-CBA students for BA 200, MGMT 340, and
    MKTG 360. We do not maintain waitlists for our daytime courses, but CBA students may be waitlisted for courses offered through the online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program subject to availability.
  • Non-CBA Students doing a Minor: Diana Soriano,, provides
    overrides to non-CBA students doing a business minor for the business classes they need.
  • Full-Time vs Part-Time Status: You are considered to be a full-time student if you
    are registered for a minimum of 12 credits. You cannot register for more than 18
    credits without permission from the Office of Undergraduate Advising requested
    in the form of a Course-Overload Petition.
  • GPA Requirement for Graduation: To be eligible for graduation, undergraduate
    students must maintain a 2.00 average in all GPA’s: Major, Cumulative, and
  • Drop Deadline: The last day for dropping a course without penalty is the tenth
    class day of the semester.
  • Attendance: Class attendance is essential. Students are responsible for the
    course materials covered during the class session missed. Examinations and/or
    projects may include material covered in the lecture only and not found
    elsewhere in the text or readings.
  • Homework: Students are responsible for completing all reading as well as written
    homework assignments prior to the assigned class. The instructor may collect
    homework without prior notice and may elect not to accept late work.
  • Academic Integrity: Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. The Department
    subscribes to UIC guidelines regarding academic integrity and the Honor Code found on pages 9-10 of the Student Handbook for the College of Business Administration.
    for the College of Business Administration. After an alleged incident of academic
    dishonesty, before the next class session, a meeting will be held with the
    instructor, the accused student and possibly an observer. It is at the instructor's
    discretion to award zero points for the component of the course, or for the entire
    course, if the student is accused of cheating. If the student disputes this
    settlement, or if the professor wants to inflict a higher penalty, the case will be
    referred to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs for Student Disciplinary
  • Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: Students in need of special
    accommodations for a disability should submit a Letter of Accommodations
    Department of Managerial Studies
    request to the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and present it to their instructor
    on the first day of class.

Independent Study

As you take courses in your major, you may come across a topic or area that particularly
interests you. If you find that there is no course on this topic, you may request to do an
independent study. An independent study is meant to allow a student to pursue a given
topic in depth with academic rigor. It is not meant for students who discover at the
beginning of a semester that they need a few more credits to fill up their schedules or to

To apply for an independent study, you must have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 in your
major and develop a preliminary study plan. Contact an instructor whose areas of
expertise match your topic to act as your supervisor and present the instructor with
your study plan. You must choose a teacher from the full-time faculty. An adjunct
lecturer cannot act as a supervisor.

If the instructor agrees with your study plan and is willing to act as your supervisor,
please fill out the Independent Study Form found on our department website. Submit it
along with a two-page proposal to your supervisor for approval and signature. The
proposal should outline the work to be done, the rationale for the project, and a
timetable for submission of the finished work. Once you have the signature of your
supervisor, submit the form and proposal to Dr. Mark Shanley, Head of the Department
of Managerial Studies, for his signature. If he grants approval, you will then be
permitted to register for the course.

Please try to submit your request to do an independent study at the beginning of the
term. You must be registered by the end of the second week of every term and must
allow time to choose another class if your request is denied.

Summary of requirements for independent study:

  • Students must have a cumulative GPA in their major of at least 3.25.
  • Only full-time faculty may act as a supervisor for an independent study course.
  • A minimum of 40 hours of work per credit is expected. For a 3-credit
    independent study, 120 hours is expected; for 4-credits, 160 hours is expected.
  • Submit a two-page written proposal with your independent study form to the
    supervisor outlining the work to be done, the rationale for the project, and a
    timetable for submission of finished work.
  • Independent Study requests should be prepared prior to the start of the
    semester or in the first week of classes to allow registration in another course if
    approval is denied.

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