Welcome to the UIC Business MS in SCOM program! Supply chain and operations form the foundation for successful business. The program integrates broad knowledge of supply chains and operations with analytical and technical capabilities. Through hands-on learning, state-of-the-art tools and industry projects, you will develop the integrative skills and expertise which are in high demand to design and manage supply chain and operations in the global economy. Here, you will find everything you need to successfully navigate through your MSSCOM journey.

If you are a new student to MSSCOM, click here for detailed steps on the new student process.

Degree Requirements

The degree consists of a combination of required courses and electives. Some students are required to complete breadth and background courses, depending on their academic background. Please consult your MSSCOM admissions letter and/or speak with an Academic Adviser to confirm which course plan you are required to follow as an MSSCOM student.

To receive a UIC Business MSSCOM degree you must:

  • Complete 32 graduate credit hours, comprised of 12 credit hours of required Core Knowledge courses, 4 credit hours of a required Capstone course (IDS 555), and 16 credit hours of elective
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00/4.00
  • Complete any/all assigned prerequisite courses assigned at the time of admission within one academic year


1. Download Course Plan

2. choose your Electives

View Approved Electives

If you are interested in taking an elective not listed, please contact with an Academic Adivisor to determine whether or not the course would count towards an MSSCOM degree

3. Create Your Schedule

While most classes are easily available, certain courses are only offered in select semesters. Plan as accurately as possible by referencing schedules from previous semesters.*

MSSCOM Course Schedules
Fall 2019
Spring 2019
Summer 2019
*Please Note: These PDFs are not always 100% accurate. The online registration information here should always be used to double check.