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TA Appointment and Reappointment Guidelines

Business Administration Graduate Programs - Appointment and Reappointment Guidelines for Teaching Assistantships

Application Procedures 

  • PhD students are often guaranteed funding for four years when they are admitted. Renewal of that funding for each fall and spring semester is subject to satisfactory academic and research progress in the PhD program based on department standards. To be appointed or reappointed as a TA, a student must be able to serve as a TA for any introductory course, and any prior TA performance reviews must be satisfactory.
  • TAs are hired by the department for its classes. Typical TA positions in the department are either 25% or 50% appointments for each semester. The fall semester hiring dates are August 16 through December 31, and the spring semester hiring dates are January 1 through May 15.
  • Offer letters: Any currently serving TA is notified of the departments intention to reappoint no less than 45 days prior to the end of the current appointment (November 15 for fall and April 1 for spring).  Offer letters are sent to new TAs as close to 34 days prior to the start of the appointment as possible,  However, we continue to make offers after these dates until all positions are filled, even closer to the start of the semester. Our available offers and TA positions may change based on enrollment and due to eligible TAs switching to other types of aid, such as a Research Assistantship.
  • TA duties range from supporting course instructors of record with grading in course sections to leading lab/discussions sections under the supervision of a faculty member to independent teaching course sections.  Specific duties and responsibilities are included in each offer letter.

Hiring Considerations 

Factors that may enhance an individual’s eligibility for TA appointment or for specific course assignments include:

  • Prior TA reviews
  • Program of study (PhD students receive priority over MS students)
  • Academic record (minimum GPA 3.0) and progress toward the degree (for PhD students, this may mean completing milestones such as the qualifier and preliminary examinations in a timely manner)
  • Specific needs of the class and instructor
  • Applicant’s preferences and availability at times needed for labs/discussions
  • Previous teaching experience in specific classes: need and ability
  • Previous general teaching experience and performance as a TA
  • Department’s mission to provide the best support to our students in each of our classes