Academic Petitions

You will receive an email confirmation upon submitting a petition. Please save this email as a record of your submission.

You should receive a response to your petition within 3-5 business days. Please allow extra time during the first two weeks of the semester and near petition deadlines, as the volume of petitions we receive can delay our response time. Thank you.

    Petition Description Deadline
    Double Major Petition Used for approval of a double major in the College of Business Administration. All GPAs (major, UIC, and cumulative) must be a 3.25 or higher; there are no exceptions. Double majors should be declared by the end of your sophomore year.
    Late Drop Petition Used to drop a course after the add/drop period ends, resulting in a “W” grade. This petition opens when the add/drop period ends and closes on the deadline outlined in the next column. Students are allowed up to 4 late drops during their undergraduate career at UIC.

    Please refer to the catalog for further details on the late drop policy.
    Fall/Spring Semesters: the end of the 10th week of instruction.
    Summer Semester (4 week session): Wednesday of the third week of instruction
    Summer Semester (8 week session): the end of the 5th week of instruction
    Transfer Course Petition Used to receive permission to take a course outside of UIC and verify course equivalencies and residency requirements. Course equivalencies can be found at Before enrolling in the course to ensure the class will transfer in to UIC.
    Transfer Credit Petition [Please note that 300 or 400 level accounting courses will be accepted only from AACSB accounting accredited universities.] Used to have an advisor further evaluate transfer credits not applied towards your degree. Credits must appear on your DARS in the “Credit by Petition” section and you must upload a syllabus and/or course description for review. N/A
    Credit/No Credit Petition Used to apply to take a class Credit/No Credit. Please refer to the catalog for a list of classes that are not eligible. This petition opens on the first day of class each semester and closes on the deadline outlined in the next column.

    *Please note that if you are approved to take a class Credit/No Credit, you cannot rescind your request at any time. Also, courses counting as part of a minor may not be taken as credit/no credit.
    Fall/Spring Semesters: 10th day of class
    Summer Semester (4 week session): 3rd day of class
    Summer Semester (8 week session): 5th day of class
    Course Overload Petition Used to receive permission to take more than 18 hours in a semester and 12 in the summer. Academic history must demonstrate you are capable of handling a heavy course load. A GPA of 3.0 or above is required. Opens the first day of registration for the following term and closes the first day of instruction. For the Fall 2018 term, the petition will close August 27, 2018.
    General Petition Used for all miscellaneous requests, or as directed by your academic advisor. This petition is not for waitlists or registration errors; please refer to the waitlists page or visit our registration errors help page. N/A
    GPA Recalculation/Grade Exclusion Used to exclude a retaken course from your GPA. There is no petition to be submitted. Students must meet with an advisor to discuss utilizing this option.

    Please refer to the catalog for further details on the course repeat and GPA recalculation policies.
    Term Withdrawal Used to drop all registered coursework for the current term. Grades of W that will be received do not count toward the limit of Late Drops allowed.

    *Note: Please see refund schedule and read more about this policy here.
    Fall and Spring Semester: End of 15th week* (Part of Term 1 - 16 week courses)
    End of 7th week* (Part of Term A or B - 8 week courses only)
    Summer Semester: By last date of instruction* - Day before final exams begin.