Tutoring Staff and Subjects


The following is an insight on what the Business Learning Center's tutors are all about. Included in this section are details about their academic career, their tutoring subjects, and a brief personal biography. For more information about their specific tutoring hours, please download the tutoring schedule below:


Name: Airong (Rachel) Zheng
Subjects: ACTG 210, 211, 315, 316

I am Airong Zheng, an accounting tutor. I am a senior majoring in accounting at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). I enjoy helping students better understand course materials, especially any difficulties one might have in their accounting courses. My goal as a tutor is to help students better understand the concepts of course material by breaking-down difficult problems. Please feel free to visit the Business Learning Center (BLC) and see me for any troubling accounting material you might have.

Name: Timothy Kubal
Subjects: ACTG 210, MATH 125, 165, & BA 200

I am currently a senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and I am the director of the UIC Business Learning Center while I pursue a degree in Accounting, as well as minors in both English and Finance. I tutor BA 200, MATH 125 & 165, and ACTG 210. I have extensive experience in writing, reading, leadership, mathematical, and communicational skills. I have facilitated tutoring sessions, group-work, and class discussions. I have been tutoring for over three years now and I continuously enjoy the work I do and the people I help. My mission is to aid you in achieving any personal, academic, or professional goals you set; I look forward to working with you. Please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns.

Name: Kerry Kurcz
Subjects: IDS 200, IDS 270, IDS 371

My name is Kerry, I am an information & decision science major, minoring in mathematics & computer science. I am a senior and I am planning on graduating in the fall 2017 semester. I also have a background in creative writing, leadership, and humanities. I tutor in IDS 200, IDS 270, and IDS 371. Personally, I believe just talking about the material with my peers better helps you prepare for the potential complexity of solving problems or figuring out programs, like Excel or Access. I think everyone has their own style of learning and I will do my best to listen for and accommodate for your style!

Name: Brendan Ramirez
Subjects: IDS 270, 331, 355, 410 & ACTG

My name is Brendan, I am a senior here at UIC double majoring in accounting and information & decision sciences. I tutor in IDS 270, 331, 355 & 410 as well as most accounting classes so feel free to reach out regarding a specific accounting course and odds are I can help. While this is my first official tutoring position, I am passionate about being able to help students excel in their business courses and will do everything in my power to help them achieve their goals. I have a wealth of academic and professional experiences that I am eager to share with students so they are better able to tackle their classes and succeed in their careers. I am looking forward to working with as many students as I can this semester – so why not get the ball rolling and reach out to me with any questions or comments and we can go from there!