The minors available in the College of Business Administration are designed to bolster your business acumen, whatever your major field of study may be.  With a business minor, you will develop the knowledge and skills necessary for effective leadership in your chosen profession.  Additionally, a business minor will help to navigate the increasingly complex global market, and open doors to future opportunities.  Minors are available only for undergraduate degree-seeking students.  Completion of at least one semester and a 2.5 UIC and Cumulative GPA is required to declare a business minor.  If you are interested in applying for a minor with the College of Business administration, please apply at the following link: Application for CBA minor

  • The College of Business Administration offers the following minors:

  • Business Administration - designed to provide a holistic background in a variety of business fields.  Coursework covers accounting, finance, information and decision sciences, management, marketing, and elective coursework. (Only available for non-CBA students)

  • Business Analytics - focuses on the use of data driven, analytical, and computing approaches for effective business decision making and management.  The Business Analytics minor helps students develop skills in these areas and enhances their knowledge and marketability.

  • Business Operations - concentrates on streamlining business operations, coordinating complex supply chains, and managing customer relations.  The Business Operations minor trains students in these skills and makes them marketable. 

  • Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurship is one of the strongest forces shaping the businesses and societies of the 21st century. Young people everywhere are taking initiative to pursue opportunities for starting and growing businesses. Entrepreneurship has a central role in addressing the challenges and opportunities that face not only Chicago but all global cities. An Entrepreneurship minor will enhance any degree by adding the fundamental skills and knowledge it takes to be an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial in your professional career.

  • Finance - introduces the principles of finance and applies these principles to analyzing several financial issues.  Student will develop problem-solving and quantitative skills that are widely used in business.

  • Management of Information Systems - trains students in the software, tools, and systems that are widely used across business. Students develop database and system design skills, computing and programming skills, including Internet technologies, process analysis, modeling, simulation, and problem solving skills. 

*Note the International Business minor is not available to non-CBA students.

For more information about the curricular requirements for each minor, please access: http://www.uic.edu/ucat/catalog/BAMINORS.shtml