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Congratulations, and welcome to UIC Business! Your admission demonstrates your ability to achieve individual and academic success as tomorrow’s business leaders. Now that you’ve made it, we’ve put together some useful resources you will need as you move forward in your enrollment process.

Below you will find steps that will assist you as you prepare to start your educational journey here with us.


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Preparing for Business Orientation

Spring 2022 UIC Business Orientation Process: Please click below on the category that applies to you, to reveal your Orientation steps.

Student Experience

Virtual Graduation Ceremony Countdown with Undergraduate & Graduate Student Speakers | Ehlimana Gutosic & Katie O’Malley

The UIC Business blog caught up with Ehlimana Gutosic, this year’s undergraduate student speaker, and Katie O’Malley, this year’s graduate student speaker. They shared their reflections on the time spent at UIC Business and what’s next for their career.

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A Special Message for Business Students

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