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UIC Non-Business Students

No matter what degree you are pursuing, having business acumen will lead to greater success in your career.  A degree or a minor from UIC Business will give you an understanding of the complex world of business.  Our programs offer students a broad understanding of business with a focus on experiential learning and professional development.

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Waitlists are for students who are not pursuing a major or minor that requires the corresponding Business course. At the latest, students will be notified a week before classes start as to whether or not they can register for the course. Department Administrators process the waitlists; their contact information is listed below.

Information and Decision Sciences

Management, Marketing and Business Administration

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UIC Business offers minors for students outside of the college. Completion of one of these programs will be noted on the official UIC transcript upon graduation. In order to declare a minor, students are required to have completed at least one semester at UIC and have a 2.50/4.00 UIC and Cumulative GPA.

UIC Business offers the following minors:

Please visit the UIC Course Catalog for more information on UIC Business Minors.

Once your minor is approved by UIC Business, your home college will officially declare it. To ensure you have access to Business courses, please be sure to submit your application before registration begins. You will not be able to register for the courses required of your minor until it is officially declared.

Substitution of a non-Business course toward a minor requirement must be approved in advance of graduation. Students are limited to one substitution per minor and can request approval via the Minor Substitution Petition.

Apply for a Minor

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Please email Ally Schad at

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Admission Requirements

To Intercollege Transfer into UIC Business students must have:

  1. A Cumulative and UIC GPA of 2.5 or higher with a ‘C’ or better in one of our required math courses*.

  2. A Cumulative and UIC GPA of 2.0 or higher with a ‘C’ or better in one of our required math courses* and a 2.5 GPA for the previous full-time fall or spring semester.​​

*Math course options: MATH 125, MATH 160, MATH 165, MATH 180, MATH 181

The BBA degrees have additional admission requirements, including completion of ENGL 160, ENGL 161, ECON 120, and ECON 121

Please note:
Bachelor of Science Degrees (Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource Management, Information and Decision Sciences, Management, Marketing, Real Estate) and On-Campus Bachelor of Business Administration:

  • Applications will be approved through the first week of classes each semester. Applications submitted after the first week of classes will be reviewed for the following semester.
  • Students who meet the admission requirements will be immediately accepted, upon application review. Students currently fulfilling the requirements will be considered “pending,” and a decision will be made after final grades are posted for the semester. If an applicant will not meet the requirements by the end of the semester, the application will be denied, and the student will need to reapply the following term.
Online and On-Campus Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degrees:
  • These are degree-completion programs intended for students who have completed an associate degree.
  • The Online BBA program only admits students for the fall semester. Space is limited for the Online BBA program, and students will be notified should the program be at capacity.

Please allow 3 business days for a response to your application.

Attention: Please do not submit Intercollege Transfer applications to multiple colleges. If you have already applied to another college, such as the College of Engineering, please contact them and cancel your application before submitting an Intercollege Transfer application to UIC Business.

Before Applying

  • Run a hypothetical degree audit for your major of interest to view the degree requirements and see how your completed/in-progress courses apply. You can run a hypothetical audit using the following navigation: > uAchieve Degree Audit > Select a Different Program
  • Connect with a Career Advisor to ensure your major of interest aligns with your professional goals.
  • Consider declaring a Business Minor. If you are not sure whether you want to change your major, or if you do not meet the Math admission requirement, you can apply for a Business Minor. If approved, you’ll have access to the courses required of the Minor. This will help to confirm your interest and make progress toward a degree in Business prior to changing your major.
  • There are no Information Sessions available. Please email Ally Schad with any questions.

Intercollege Transfer Application

Questions about Intercollege Transfer Application? Heading link

Please email Ally Schad at

UIC Dual Degree Applicants Heading link

For students who are not currently seeking a UIC Business degree, but wish to add a UIC Business degree alongside their current other degree. Minimum requirements for Dual Degrees admission:

  • Students must complete at least one semester of coursework at UIC.
  • Students must be in good academic standing with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.00 (B=3.00).
  • Students must have earned ‘C’ or better in one of our required math courses (MATH 125, MATH 160, MATH 165, MATH 180, MATH 181).

Apply for a Dual Degree