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No matter what degree you are pursuing, having business acumen will lead to greater success in your career.  A degree or a minor from UIC Business will give you an understanding of the complex world of business.  Our programs offer students a broad understanding of business with a focus on experiential learning and professional development.

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Upcoming Intercollege Transfer Information Sessions

UIC Business will not be hosting its previously planned in-person Intercollege Transfer Workshops for the fall 2020 semester. If a student wishes to ask questions before submitting their Intercollege Transfer Petition (directions on the petition below), please email Ally Schad, Senior Academic Advisor. Be sure to include your UIN in the correspondence. As a reminder, the in-person workshops are never required to begin the Intercollege Transfer Process to UIC Business.

Intercollege Transfer

Current UIC students who are interested in enrolling into UIC Busienss through an Intercollege Transfer are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum UIC GPA of 2.50 and a cumulative GPA (UIC and transfer) of 2.50.
  • Successful completion of at least one of the following math courses, Math 125 (Math 160 will also work for this requirement) or Math 165 (Math 180 will also work for this requirement).

Before submitting an Intercollege Transfer Petition consult with your Academic Adviser to ensure that transferring to UIC Business is in your best interest and attend a UIC Business Intercollege Transfer Information Session to learn more about the requirements and offerings of UIC Business.

It is strongly recommended that a student take the following action prior to the submission of the Intercollege Transfer Petition:

  • Consult with his/her current Academic Advisor to ensure that transferring to UIC Business is in the student’s best interest.
  • Run a hypothetical (uAchieve) Degree Audit of the intended UIC Business major to plan for pre-requisites or potential barriers.
  • Attend a UIC Business Intercollege Transfer Information Session to learn more about the requirements and offerings of UIC Business.

Next Steps

After attending the Information Session, please review information regarding the UIC Business program at UIC by visiting the UIC Course Catalog for specific information regarding Degree Requirements, College Policies, Majors, Minors, and more.

The petition for spring 2021 is open. Should you meet requirements at the time of submitting your petition, you will be admitted to UIC Business right away. If you do not meet requirements at the time of submission, your application will be reviewed after final grades are posted for the summer or fall semester.

Once you submit an Intercollege Transfer Petition, a UIC Business adviser will email you, and you will then work with that adviser one-on-one.

Additional Information

Admission will be based on your current records in the UIC student information system. Missing, not reported or incomplete grades will cause a delay in the processing of your application. “Not reported” grades (NR) must be removed and “Incomplete” grades (I) will be evaluated as failing grades. Grades for transfer credit listed as “in progress” (IP) must be completed before you will be considered for admission to UIC Business.

You must be an official student admitted to the college in order to receive a degree fromUIC Business. Completion of the curriculum does not grant you automatic admission to the college, nor does it make you eligible for a business degree. You must meet the admission requirements and be officially accepted to the UIC Business before your business degree can be awarded by UIC.

Any petition filed after 12 p.m. on Friday, August 28, will be considered for spring 2021 admission, only.

Intercollege Transfer Petition


UIC Business offers minors for students outside of the college. Completion of one of these programs will be noted on the official UIC transcript upon graduation. Students seeking one of these minors are required to have a 2.50/4.00 UIC and Cumulative GPA and have completed at least one semester at UIC.

UIC Business offers the following minors:

  • Business Administration
  • Business Analytics
  • Supply Chain and Operations Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Management Information Systems

Please visit the UIC Course Catalog for more information on UIC Business Minors.

Apply for a Minor


Waitlists are for students who are not majoring in UIC Business, nor minoring with the college. At the latest, students will be notified a week before classes start as to whether or not they are able to register for the course.

Information and Decision Sciences

Management, Marketing and Business Administration