Collegiate Association of Business Scholars

Business Scholars Mission

The Collegiate Association of Business Scholars (CABS) is an ambitious group of UIC business scholars aiming to enhance the experience of current and prospective scholars through organizing social and philanthropic events within the community. We are making the investments others made in us worthwhile.

CABS is designed specifically for business scholars, and seeks to identify resources, as well as professional and service opportunities, for students in the program.

Below is a list of CABS Activities and Programs:

  • Peer mentoring program
  • Coordination of philanthropy and service events
  • Coordination of social events
  • Program branding and student outreach
  • Student Leadership

    Ehlimana Gutosic
    Accounting & Information & Decision Sciences Major
    Class of 2020

    Nicole Kaushanski
    Vice President
    Management Major
    Class of 2019

    Laura Perez
    Marketing and Finance Major
    Class of 2019

    Alejandro Osornio
    Special Events and Recruitment Committee
    Finance Major
    Class of 2022

    Samantha Alvarez
    Director of Volunteering Committee
    Management Major
    Class of 2021

    Karla Wence
    Marketing Head
    Marketing Major
    Class of 2019