Corporate MBA

The Corporate MBA (CMBA) Programs are developed to meet the needs of professionals who wish to further their careers by earning their MBA degree from an AACSB-accredited program and complete the program within a year.

Since 1996, the CMBA Programs have allowed students to complete their degree in a shorter time frame without sacrificing attention to the learning of fundamental business knowledge and practical skills needed to succeed in today’s local and global competitive environments.  A key advantage of the program is its flexibility in tailoring the MBA degree to a specific area of interest: a customized curriculum focusing in Strategic and International Business ManagementFinancial Markets & Asset Management, Healthcare Management or Commodities, Exchanges and Derivatives. The program develops a full range of contemporary management skills and cultural awareness that equip students to compete effectively in today's global business environment.

Requirements, Syllabi and Policies

Areas of Focus

Strategic and International Business Management

The MBA program with a focus in Strategic and International Business Management seeks to foster an understanding of international business practices and culture together with knowledge of the core functional areas of business and to allow students to develop their judgment and ability in applying this knowledge in a global business environment.

Financial Markets and Asset Management

The CMBA Programs with a focus in Financial Markets and Asset Management is designed to further careers of financial professionals by enhancing their understanding of financial markets, asset management, and the operation of financial institutions in the dynamic global economy. Drawing on the resources of the financial community of Chicago, the program provides up-to-date knowledge in the theory and practice of financial markets and asset management.

Healthcare Management

The HM focus is customized on the needs of the Ministry of Health of China. The curriculum is designed to further the careers of healthcare professionals by encouraging the development of contemporary management skills and cultural awareness necessary to deliver innovative health care services in the twenty-first century. The program further develops the international students’ understanding of general business management and healthcare management by enhancing their interpretations of the U.S. public health policy, administration, services, and management practices. The HM program strives to empower students to utilize their existing knowledge base with those developed in the program to construct a truly integrated health care system in China.

In addition to the core coursework, students in the program are encouraged to take advantage of the variety of lectures, grand rounds, and other opportunities in healthcare on campus and in the community.

Commodities, Exchanges and Derivatives

The CED program derives a unique advantage from its prime location in the city of Chicago, which is home to the world’s largest futures exchanges, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group; and the world’s largest options exchange, the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Chicago is the origination and global center of the commodities, exchanges and financial derivatives. In addition to these institutions, many large multinational securities and futures firms have offices in the city. This environment provides students with many opportunities to interact with leading experts in the industry and to become acquainted with the most advanced technology in the field.

The advanced courses provide rigorous theory training and industry exposure in the track of CED and equip students on depth and breadth within each sub area of commodities, exchanges and derivatives.