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BS in Information and Decision Sciences

The Department of Information and Decision Sciences offers a BS in IDS and trains students to explore the synergies between information technology, data analytics, supply chains, and risk management. Students can specialize in one of three concentrations, enabling them to fully utilize technology advancements and changing business needs. Students majoring in the Information and Decision Sciences explore technology advancements and changing business needs to address current areas where there is strong market demand for well-trained business professionals.  The program emphasizes creative problem-solving strengths and understanding of business issues in relation to technology, business operations, and analytics.

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Students may choose among concentrations based on their interests and career focus. Visit the UIC Academic Catalog for complete course concentration details.

Business Analytics

This introduction to business analytics enables students to hone their skills in data mining as well as choose from a wide variety of courses including Business Model Simulation, Statistical Software for Business Applications, Multivariate Analysis, Introduction to Risk Management, Business Forecasting Using Time Series Methods, and Regression Analysis.

Management Information Systems

This introduction to business internet and intranet design allows students to choose from several course offerings that will enrich their knowledge of website creation, database management, internet security, and business systems analysis.

Operations and Supply Chain Management

The introduction to operations and supply chains that students receive with this concentration will enable them to effectively manage supply chains within organizations. By not only understanding how a business works, but also studying its trajectory, students will gain valuable analytical skills.

IDS 406 Business Systems Project

In this capstone course, students gain experience in both business systems application and project management. They utilize their skills in analysis, design, development, and evaluation of computer-based business information systems, project planning, scheduling, and management. Students participate in an end of term “projects expo” where their projects are entered into a competition with both graduate and undergraduate students. Project winners are given a financial award and spotlighted in the college communications.

IDS 494 Topics in Information and Decision Science

There is an increasing trend to “democratize” enterprise information assets by making them available to a greater number of knowledge workers across a wider range of skill sets. This trend has been perpetuated in part by the proliferation of tools that support the visual depiction of information by knowledge workers. This course will provide an overview of best visualization practices through targeted reading, experiential learning, and group assignments. Students will learn experientially by working with a high-demand industrial data visualization product – Tableau, to solve real business problems and to develop output for a simulated business assignment. This course is strictly interested in the visual presentation of business information assets and the business insights mined from a large size dataset. For questions or more information, please contact Professor Zhao.


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The IDS waitlists are for undergraduate non-UIC Business students only, except non-UIC Business students who have been approved for a minor in the IDS Department.

The waitlists will not be reviewed until one week prior to the beginning of each term, in order to give all UIC Business students a chance to register for the course(s), ensuring that they graduate on time. You will be notified by the department, via email, if you are eligible to register for the course(s) you have requested. You will have twenty-four hours to register upon receiving a notification. Please be advised, putting yourself on the waitlists do not guarantee that you will be allowed to register for the course(s). If space is unavailable at the time of review, the waitlists for that course will be canceled and you will be notified.

If you are a current undergraduate student in UIC Business, do not sign up on this waitlists, please contact your undergraduate adviser. Graduate students are not eligible for the IDS waitlists and will not be considered. The IDS waitlists are for undergraduate sections only.

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