BS in Marketing

The field of marketing focuses on the activities of product management, pricing, promotion, and distribution as it responds to changing consumer demands and moves goods and services from producer to end-user. The BS in Marketing program provides students with an understanding of these activities and the tools to make sound decisions.

Marketing Major Map

First Semester Second Semester
BA 100 1 ENGL 161 3
BA 100 3 MATH Track (2nd) 5
MATH Track (1st) 5 Natural World (Gen Ed) 5
ECON 120 (US SOC) 5 IDS 200 4
The Past (Gen Ed.) 3
14 Hours 14 Hours
First Semester Second Semester
IDS 270 4 ACTG 211 3
ACTG 210 3 FIN 301 3
BA 200 3 MGMT 340 3
ECON 121 3 COMM 100(IND SOC)* 3
Elective 3
BA 220# 1
13 Hours 16 Hours
First Semester Second Semester
**BA 320 1 **BA 320 1
MKTG 360 3 IDS 355 3
FIN 302 3 MGMT 350 3
A.Q.S 3 Creative Arts* 3
World Cultures* 3 MKTG 461 3
Elective 3 MKTG 462 3
15 Hours 15 Hours
First Semester Second Semester
Global Perspectives 3 MKTG 465 3
MKTG Elective 3 MKTG Elective 3
MKTG Elective 3 MKTG Bus Elective 3
MKTG Bus Elective 3 MKTG Bus Elective 3
Elective 3 Integrative 4
15 Hours 16 Hours


Students may choose among four concentrations based on their interests and career focus. Visit the UIC Academic Catalog for complete course concentration details.

Marketing Research

Students in the Marketing Research concentration will be introduced to a wide variety of marketing analysis techniques as well as marketing and business intelligence and advanced market research.

Sales Leadership

This introduction to sales will provide students with an excellent framework to begin a career in sales. With a strong managerial background as well as business-to-business and retail management training, students will be given the tools to become highly skilled salespeople

Marketing Promotions and Communications

This introduction to promotions and communications in marketing will allow students to develop the skills they need in brand management, advertising, e-commerce, and social media.

Innovation and Product Management

This concentration is an in depth experience in which students have the opportunity to work directly with a project for a number of corporations. Corporations supply several projects to students who then have the opportunity to develop the product marketing as they collaborate with students from other majors.


Managerial Studies Waitlists

Students may take Managerial Communication (BA 200), Introduction to Marketing (MKTG 360), Introduction to Organizations (MGMT 340), and Introduction to Entrepreneurship (ENTR 310) without having been admitted to the College of Business Administration. However, since we give registration priority to CBA students first, you must put your name on a waitlist for these courses. We review the waitlist one week prior to the beginning of each term and based on remaining availability in the classes, we will notify you by email if you can register for the course. Register right away because space will not be held for you. Please be advised that putting your name on a waitlist does not guarantee that you will be able to register, and we cannot provide permission to register for specific class sections.

Managerial Studies Waitlist Forms

Managerial Studies Waitlists for BA 200, MGMT 340, MKTG 360, and ENTR 310, day program only:

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